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Many of you will be happy to hear that TIWHA is opening a new sister group- All-Warhorses!

What does this mean for TIWHA members?

Nothing bad. TIWHA isn't closing. With the huge increase in created breeds of warhorse types, there was a huge demand to open it up to fantasy breeds. As one of the longest running discipline groups founded on principal of real breeds and realistic stables I didn't think it was right to change the fundamental ideals of the group. TIWHA will still be here as a resource for historical accuracy, and will continue to host real breed shows for those who prefer to compete their realistic horses against other realistic horses. This will not change, and we will not become any less active.

All-Warhorses is meant less as a group strictly based on reality and historical accuracy and more about having fun. It is free for all the join, no stable required, and all breeds are welcome. Bat wings and magic users and all. They will host war horse shows, but the will be open to anyone who wishes to join in.

You are welcome to have membership at both TIWHA and All-Warhorses, in fact, we would love it if you did.

One change is that the currently running show, the Dancing with Dragons Warhorse Showcase is now being hosted by both groups, and has been opened up to ALL breeds. It is meant as a kicking off for the All-Warhorses group. Our future shows will be separate, and will be back to our standard real breed fare.

I hope those of you with mixed stables can enjoy the new group, and those with realistic stables will continue to enjoy TIWHA as it has been, without noticing any chance in your membership experience.

As I know a lot of you have been a part of the warhorse community for a long time, I thought I would also take this opportunity to ask if anyone would be interested in becoming an admin at either TIWHA or All-Warhorses. I will be very particular who, if anyone, I choose for the positions. Responsibilities would be relatively light, but would include helping out with events/judging, possibly contribute prizes, planning new features, processing registrations, and stepping in temporarily if I am away for an extended period. If you are interested please note the group you are interested in.
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The goal of The International War Horse Association (or TIWHA) is to: provide a forum for those who wish to practice the ancient art of mounted combat, promote horses of exceptional intelligence, courage, and strength, and eventually produce finest warhorses in existence.

Historical and non-historical breeds accepted. Horses are not required to have any previous war-training before being registered. Although we try to maintain a standard of historical correctness, we accept that creativity and flexibility is a large part of modern historical reenactment and will reflect that flexibility in our rules. However, this is and has always been a group for real breeds only.

Member Registration
In order to participate in TIWHA, you must be a registered member. Horses are registered separately.

1) You must have a stable to participate, but it does not have to be part of the HARPG. All images submitted to the club must be original. No line-arts are permitted unless specified.

2) Make a Coat of Arms for your stable. See more information here.

3) Include your stables' name and a link to the main page of your stable somewhere easily identifiable in the artist comments for the image. This is so I can list your stable without having to dig up all this information on my own (which does take some time).

4) Join the group by first clicking the "Join" button. Then please submit your Coat of Arms to the submissions folder.

5) You should receive admittance fairly quickly, and your stable will be added to a list.

6) Register your horse(s).





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chernyarosa Oct 30, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Wow, what a great group! This is exactly what I had in mind when I decided a few months ago to create a HARPG stable! Joining for sure.
Excellent! :) It'll be great to have you!
TotemHero Oct 23, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Can the horse is a mutated horse?
No, this horse is only for realistic horses, sorry
SkyeWilde-Stables Mar 10, 2013  Student General Artist
This is a really interesting group! I'm gonna have to get involved :la:
cherokeeleprechaun Mar 5, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
This is pretty cool. I love the many coat of arms !! I may just have to keep peeking over to see many more of ya'lls cool pics!!
A question... Is this just for real breeds that could be produced through careful breeding in RL, or can made-up warhorses be registered? (as long as they are still horses, not unicorns or pegasi)
At this point we are only registering real breed, real color horses.
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